About Winter Swimming Training

Winter Swimming Training

Winter swimming training has arrived here in the UK as it become colder and colder – some hardy open water swimmers stay out doors but many swimmers that normally swim out side in the summer slip inside to a warmer swimming environment – the indoor swimming pool.

Open water  swimming session s can be broken down into interval sets , however in the main swimming pool interval set can be specific – and more constructive – the long course pool of 50m swimming pool is the best place to do swimming training – however 50m swimming pools are difficult to fund and therefore its likely that a 25m swimming pool is going to be your best bet for indoor swimming sessions during the winter –

Using the Swim Fast Ergo

Training Indoors instead of out side has its benefits – the Swim Fast Ergo { swim bench } is a perfect training machine – you can use the Swim Fast Ergo on the poolside – providing you have the space. Swimming training can be a tough form of fitness training , its mainly due to the skill factor of the swimmer – usually its a swimmer that got a good swimming technique that will find swim training a little less of an effort.

Swimming kicking sets

With swimming taking a lot of effort its important that every type of swimming training is taken into consideration , swim kicking training sets using a swim kick board are important – front crawl kicking is a problem for many swimmers – some swimmers that run will often have a problem with pointing toes – this stiffness will effect the kicking speed – it also lowers the swimmers body position and therefore in turn effects the general swimming speed.

Swimming kicking sets broken down

A breakdown of swim training kicking sets is below – the type of swimming kicking trained can have different effect each time.

*Sprint Kicking Sets – or other wise know as max effort swim training kick sets will improve general speed and strength – this type of swimming will also improve ankle flexibility – the ankle flexibility in swimming is very important maintaining a flutter kick– this flutter kick is not just important in front crawl swimming but in back stroke swimming – the back stroke swimming – its also desirable in butterfly kicking during the downwards movements of the stroke kick.

*Distance Kicking Sets – or other wise know as endurance swim kick sets are very important – they build a base for strength and endurance, this in turn allows swimming sets and speed to become more powerful. Endurance swim training kick sets can be as long as 20-30 minute sets – in intervals such as 400m – + either way as long as the distance and duration is longer than sprint kicking its then part of a distance set –

*Drill swimming kick sets

The “Drill” kick set is a set of kicking often involving arms as its a drill partly with arms – however the True Drill kick set is really only kicking – it may be a a simple dolphin leg kick tummy kick – it may be a stream line body line kick , this where the arms are extended and held one over the other  , much in the same way the swimmer pushes off the wall before swimming.

Which either way you kick – i all pretty important so try to kick it up, kicking and swimming can all improve fitness but if you looking for the extra edge then the Swim Fast Ergo can make a real difference –

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