The Halo Trainer

The Swim Fast Ergo can be fitted with a patented Swim Fast Halo™System Swim CLICK HERE , Trainer Template, The Halo ™ Template ensures that the athlete uses a high elbow catch phase _ (sometimes called EVF - early vertical forearm )

Full Hand Paddle Grips

The Swim Fast comes with basic grips but you can up grade, see them and buy them HERE

Whip Kick

The Whip Kick comes with amazing advantages for training breaststroke leg power!

Swim Fast Halo Template

The totally amazing Halo Template

Advanced Swimming Training Hand Paddle

A great optional hand paddle up grade is available There is an optional upgrade to the full hand paddle as illustrated

The Breaststroke Whip Kick Set

The Breaststroke Whip Kick Set is perfect for additional Breaststroke training when required.

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