Swim Bench Training

Swimming Training Using Swimfastergo | 50m Swim

All swimmers can use Swim Benches for training over the age of 10- these swim beaches are perfect for building swimming strokes, all four strokes can benefit from one Swim Bench properly and thats the SwimFastergo – The superior construction of the Swim Fast – ergo means that it can outshine all other swim benches

Train the Swimming Catch | Swimfastergo

Training the catch of the swimming stroke for all swimming – front end swimming – OR as they call it – ROM or Range of movement with the Swim Fastergo can be improved significantly – this early part of the swimming stroke – early vertical formation EVF is relevant in all strokes – using the training plans laid out by SF Swim Fast Ergo major strength can be developed  –

Vasa Vrs SwimFastergo

A vasa trainer is a swim bench – a Swimfastergo is a swimming bench – swimming workstation of the highest spec – the Swimfasts amazing ergo set up gives you 10 different levels of power range – and using the amazing swim fasts flexi paddles can improve the very first point of stroke – straight when you need it..

50 m Swimming Pool Training Advice

If your lucky enough to have a 50m pool near you and can swim train in a 50m pool then wow, the Swimfastergo Swim Bench can be a the n1 training aid for swimming in a 50m pool: Place the Swim Fast ergo on the deck – this set is particularly good for high vol swimming – the overload factor will come into place and play during the swimming set: max efforts in the swimming pool can create a swimming stroke breakdown: when this happens the swimmer can have a drop off in performance: if the swimmer is extracted from the pool after a swim overload set then placed onto the Swimfast ergo recovery swimming can then take place in real time with close eye contact coaching feedback:

{ this means recovery swimming can be of the highest technical quality – then thus returning to the pool to repeat the “High Vol ” swim training set the swimmer will have had a technical refinement injection see below the Swim Fast – 50m Swim Pool Set

50m Swimming Set + swim Fast Ergo

General Warm Up

Dependant on swimming ability – Age Group = Elite x 2-3 swimmers

12-14 minutes of swimming as – stroke drill build up to finish swimming

From here pull out of the water – SF ergo 6×90 seconds Hold TEC

Main Set –

3x 200 Fc at Max Effort + Recovery one swimmer in Pool x 2 then 1 swimmer on Swim Fast +

From this set simply swim down main pool hold tec tips:











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