Swim Bench Training

Using a Swim Bench

We usually think of training for swimming as pool based, and yes swimming training is often done best in the pool, but now in the modern world of swimming you will find other forms of swimming training, such as Swim Bench training.

What is a Swim Bench!?

Most swim bench set ups are , well , basically a Bench, this is where the swimmer or participant lies down , legs extended , and with arms out extended, fixed into hand paddles usually , the paddles are quite moveable so swimming strokes can be carried out: the hand paddles where in the past attached to simple pulley systems, but now some are connected to an air fan or ergometer, the Swim Fast Ergometer Pro is most defiantly the N1 swim bench in the world: using the SF Swim Fast Swim bench will certainly improve your swimming speed and technique :

Types of swimming strokes using on the Swim Fast

In fact all strokes can be trained using the swim fast bench, its highly versatile and adaptions can be made for each swimmer like stroke rate, speed, intensity , high and body specifications..

Butterfly , frontcrawl , breast stroke and in fact back stroke can all be training using the Swim Fast, catch phases can be worked on also:

Basic and Advanced Swim Training Sets

A simple Swim Bench { Swim Fast Ergo } work out can go like this:

Warm Up

5-8 minutes of mobility

Swim Fast Warm UP 6-8 minutes of steady swim fast

Main set | focus distance set +

Using a set time that relates to swimmers 1500m time:

i.e 17.00 minutes

Swim fast | speed set to requirements:

IE .7

8×4 minutes non stop at 85% MHR REST at 90 seconds:

The 4x 16 minutes with 90% effort: of swim race speed, at 2 minutes recovery:

Then 1 x 20 minutes at race speed: 95% effort

Then cool off and 10 minutes total body stretches

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