Swim Fast Ergo – Swim Bench +

Using the Swim Fast Swim Bench | Swimming Training

The Swim Fast Bench or Swim Fast Ergo is perfect for ALL swimmers about the age of 11 yrs, adjustments can be made with the equipment to accommodate most hights – the reach of most swimmers strokes can be factored in during training sessions:

Swimming Training Age Group Swimmers

The Age Group Swimmer or Jnr competitive swimmer can use the swim fast ergometer swim bench – its perfect for improving all strokes, the general usage is for the front part of the swimming strokes, however, some breaststroke work can be carried out using the breaststroke whip kick equipment:

Adult Swimmers using the Swim Fast Bench

Any adult swimmer can definitely use the Swim Fast Ergo, again as in the Jnr settings the Swim Bench can be adjusted to suit any sized adult, a correct range of movement for swimming strokes is a must: and the Swim Fast has all the correct movement.

Swimming Training For Triathletes

The Swim Bench is perfect for budding Triathletes that cant get to the pool due to work commitments or a busy family life, swimming training using the Swim Fast Bench for Triathlon will improve key muscle groups, such as Triceps, Shoulder Muscles and Back:

Sprint Sets using the Swim Fast Ergo

Any sprint set in the pool can mostly be mirrored using the swim fast on any setting, the 1-10 ergo setting will give amazing resistance:


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