Swim Fast Ergo Vs the VASA

Which is Best Vasa Trainer or Swim Fast Egro

Are you thinking about which is the “BEST” Swim Bench – A VASA Trainer or the superior Swim Fast Ergo: well here are a few bits of relevant info for you:

The Swim Fast Ergo has an amazing Air-Braked flywheel – this provides variable levels of resistance which will mirror real water action, and improve the stroke catch phase, the Vasa Trainer has not: The catch phase in any swimming stroke is extremely Vitale – its a number 1 priority in swimming speed and efficiency: The Swim Fasts Fly Wheel is super smooth.

The SwimFast Ergometer, unlike the VASA Trainer, can also be considered a ballistic swim training exercise station – it allows a full whole range of alternate strength conditioning range of movements to be undertaken:

The SF Ergo can be used in super high humidity environments, its  components are made from stainless steel, and with a tropical high spec advanced console: It has fully adjustable width and length arms – this allows arms to accommodate more specific movements than the VASA, and in turn hows further developments in all 4 strokes, with an amazing return to base transition rotational bench which is adjustable and has a double length support, its also fully equipped with an EZ extendable length bench: And unlike the VASA has a folding compactable slick storable design…

The Swimfast Ergo Has HALO – the VASA has NOT

The Swimfast ergo is fully equipped with the HALO unit, suitable for everybody, the Halo Template totally ensures that the athlete uses a super high elbow front end of stroke catch, also know as the EV_F or early vertical formation A highly crucial element in good swimming technique – and so for high Q training effects to take place it is critically important that during swimming training the arm and the shoulder action and movement replicate to as near as:

The Swim Fast has 3 hand paddle options!

Yes 3 hand paddle options, small finger catch phase 1/2 palm paddles, FULL palm handles, and the standard hand easy grip paddles, all 3 will allow the front end of your stroke to develop with power and strength- the SF ergo is the only swim bench to do this:

The Swim FAST ERGO has the Breast Stroke, Whip Kick { the VASA has not }

The Swim Fast Whip Kick connectors are amazing, connect them up to your swim fast back end and see the breaststroke power develop, these are also perfect for helping swim coaches keep a check on the correct technical aspects of the Kick: the SF is the only Swim Bench to have this facility –

Swim Fast Ergo Finish Brushes

What are the finish brushes!? well, a great little bit of kit, they adjust all along both edges of the SF Bench – they then ensure a consistent stroke length, helping each swimming stroke pull: highly important doing tempo work:







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