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How to “swim train” for open water during the winter

The fact is Open Water Swimming is fantastic, outside, open air , wild swimming , freshness, sea and lakes and rivers all amazing places for open water swimming, the problem is if you are a competitive open water swimmer OR a swimmer who’s training for an event , such as a 10k open water swimming event, or a triathlon, or a bi Athlon or a sea swim event , you are going to struggle, due to the temps of winter many swimmers in the UK will find it too cold, and so to the swimming pool inside.

Swimming training distances | Open Water Swimming

The Distance you should consider covering should be at least  1,000 m per training session, the main swimming distance that a lot of swimmers aim for is 400m , this standard distance is also perfect for a bench marker, this then can be used for swim training sets, these then are used to progress swimming fitness, i.e. 4-5 swimming 400m with a recovery time, this could be anything between 30-90 seconds, the swimming 400m sets can also be 200m swims and 100m swims , they can be off times, such as every 5-6-7 minutes per 400m or the set distance:

Swimming with swimming training aids | open water swims

Swimming training aids are perfect for swim fitness improvements, these are then aids such as swim pull bouys, swim kick boards, swim training snorkels, hand paddles, swimming tempo trainers, heart rate monitors.

Swimming Kick Sets

A swim kick set is important for open water swimming training in the main pool, the main pool is a place to really refine swimming performance and fitness and kicking with a powerful stroke is highly important, sets can include 10x 25m kicking, 12x50m swimming kicking, 400m timed swimming kick sets, and long kick set s of your own choice!

Swim Pull Sets

The Swim Pull Buoy is really important – but shouldn’t be over used, if this small float is over used it can impact on the swimming technique. If used correctly it can really benefit the upper body of the swimming stroke.

Swim Training Hand Paddles

The swim training hand paddle is really useful also, the a larger hand paddle is used for power and strength or a high spec hand paddle with curved ages, from these larger paddles there is a smaller paddle know as a finger paddle, perfect for the catch phase of the stroke!

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