Training Smart For Triathlon

Swimming Training For Triathlon + Swim Fast Ergo

Train Smart for Triathlon

It’s a multi-discipline sports Triathlon – Swim – Bike – Run – always focus on your weak areas and very often that can be swimming: Many Triathletes struggle with swimming in a race –

Finding the Time To Train properly for Triathlon is hard, the swimming part of any Triathlon is tuff if you don’t condition yourself properly – If you can get to the pool enough try a Swim Fast Ergo – Swim Bench

Triathlon Swim Training

The Swim Fast Ergo can be the next best thing if you cant get to the pool: Swimming Training for Triathlon should involve kicking sets, pulling sets, skill work, and drill work: many swimmers use the front end training snorkel – this helps with seeing what your hands are doing – the swim fast bench can also do this – the swim fasts ergo set up will allow a coach or the participating swimmer to see the movements, seeing your hand positions can be really helpful.

Crossover swimming training for Triathlon

The Swim Fast Ergo Is amazing for cross over swimming training, a morning session in the pool, then an afternoon session on swim fast, or an evening session if you cant get to the pool –

Correct Swim Training Sets for Triathlon

Based on the facts that swimming training has many levels, low end, mid end , high end , anaerobic and major anaerobic overload swimming training for a triathlon should be constructive – there’s no point training for a triathlon doing short sprints, we know that several key factors should be put into consideration, aerobic base fitness, IE your endurance – then we need high end aerobic fitness – also very important: longer swim training sets such as 200 m swim s – 400m swims – 800m swim s are very important:

Training for an Olympic distance with 400m swimming sets: you will require a good aerobic base also for this distance, 16 x 25 m swims are important, very short rest intervals are also important – these sets can be achieved on the Swim Fast Ergo if you cant get to the pool.

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