Swim Fast Training And Safety Tips

Precautions should be observed before you start doing any exercise on your SwimFast Ergometer: please consult your doctor before using swim fast ego if you have any underlying medical conditions.

Before using the Swim FAST ERGO make certain limbs, fingers and hair are clear of ALL moving parts and the flywheel cage..

The Swim Fast Ergo requires a safe working area of:

T width : 175 cm / 69 inches

T hight :  120 cm / 47 inches

T length : 300 cm / 118 inches

Before using the swim-fast-ergo inspect the machine prior to using: Do not use the machine if it appears damaged or inoperable, contact manufacturer :

Do NOT Modify the swim fast ergo. Please keep children away from the machine:


  • Any user must use appropriate resistance, and care not to over load.
  • Good Instruction can be given be given by a coach for best results and safety or caution taken by the user,or users:
  • Please NOTE: It is better to start with a low resistance level and build up both with regard to familiarity of exercise and in the use of the SwimFast Ergometer, Swim Bench.
  • Take extra care lifting and handling advice and training given when moving the SwimFast.


  • The user or coach must not pressure other users when using the SwimFast Ergometer.
  • Extra “Caution” with regard to over totaly extending the exercise intensity or exercise duration and should be used- especially when not familiar with the SwimFast Ergometer.
  • Skin abrasions / blisters may occur especially when new to the Trainer.

Once you have taken note of the running structure of your Swim Fast ergo training sessions should run smoothly , its important to remember that any exercise with out a good warm up may put your body at risk from certain sport related injures.