Using Swim Bench For Age Group Swimming Training

Age Group Swim Training Swim Bench Benefits

The Swim Fast Ergo, Swim Bench is great for ages from around 11 upwards, so there for its going to be great for Swimming Club Swimmers, and the fact the bench is one size fits most helps..

Supervising the Swim Fast Bench UsageĀ 

However, it will be necessary to monitor and supervise the session with an adult – or even better somebody with experience in the Swim Fast Operating mechanics, and stroke understanding from around the ages of 11-14 –

Using the Swim Fast Breast Stroke Kick training aids

The Correct name for the Brest Stroke Kit is the Whip Kick this is amazing for training the Breast Stroke leg Power, young swimmers with guidance can get really good benefits with expert guidance:

Using the Halo Swim Training for Age Group Swimming Training

If you are an age group swimming coach using the Halo Swim Trainer this can add true benefits to using the Swim Fast Ergo, the Halo has 3 different levels:

The Fully patented Swim Fast Halo is a template that will allow the swimmer to improve high elbow catch, into the hand catch of strokes!










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